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EST. 1949

Greg Murrell

I enjoy things that are crafted, well-realised and have a design heritage. I love attention to detail and simplicity of form where nothing is extraneous.

Tell us what you do in 50 words or less.

Ryder has serviced the hair-styling needs of busy folk in Auckland City since 1999. I have also had a parallel career as an editorial stylist doing shoots and shows. I am the Hair Editor for Black Magazine.

What has been your biggest achievement with Ryder Salon?

Creating a long-term sustainable business in a competitive market is one but the key for me is the staff training and development. I had special training and it is a gift that I like to pass on to my staff. For me the absolute baseline benefit of working at Ryder is that when it comes time for people to move on they do so as a better hairdresser. We do things our way and that lives on in people’s work.

Why is it important to you to showcase New Zealand contemporary art in the salon?

For me this question relates more to my relationship with Michael Parekowhai. We have been friends for more than 20 years and Mike’s work has been on display with us since the early 2000’s. When we were building the Britomart salon we created the window bays expressly to display his work. His work now feels intrinsically part of what we do. I guess it differentiates us a little. I have always thought that a hair salon environment should have a bit more going on than just hair being cut. Ultimately we are there to elevate people a little each time they visit.

We hear you’re also good at grooming your garden - what are you planting at the moment?

I am developing a garden on a large hilly site with a stream running through the bottom of the property. I have spent the last year removing invasive weed species like Wild Ginger and Black Taro with the aim of restoring the environment to a more natural setting with native grasses and selected plantings that have greater aesthetic appeal. Back breaking labour and fun with power tools in other words.

What was the last thing you bought from Gubb & Mackie and why did you choose it?

I purchased some shirts including this polka dot one. I have a casual dress style but cut and the handle of the fabric is important to me. I can’t stand garments that don’t fit or feel right.